17th Sep 2015

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Is It Time for the Internet to Grow Up?

— by Robert Steele, CTO, Rightscorp

The status quo on the Internet is that songwriters, authors, filmmakers and application developers find their work distributed on multiple platforms, without their permission and in violation of our laws. Web 4.0 should do more to empower a content creator’s right to choose to have his or her content distributed.

It seems like every day we hear about all of the amazing things that the Internet will do for us. We are told to look forward to “The Internet of Things” and the “Semantic Web.” A future where “technology and human become one” is coming quickly, according to Nils Muller, CEO of TrendOne, a German micro trend analysis firm.

9th Jul 2015


Popcorn Time Recovers From Outage

Popcorn Time, the Netflix-style piracy application for movies and television started having performance problems in June.  The screen that usually displays the movie posters to enable the streaming of movies started displaying “Error loading data, try again later . . .” message.  The fact that the TV functionality was working but the movie page was not led us to suspect that this may have been a result of some sort of outside intervention. (more…)